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Reparations Matter follows the history and stories of Black Americans, not through the doctrine of mainstream education, religious institutions and mainstream historians.  We follow history and stories through those who have experienced it.  The long standing tradition has been to present history as if Black people were nothing more than slaves, at the same time, refusing to acknowledge the cruelty and lingering effects of this heinous institution. So the header was designed to show the experiences of Black Americans has expanded over 400 years and cannot be simplified.  It is also important to talk about who Black people were before being strategically reduced to someone else’s property.   Therefore, Reparations Matter will follow history from its ugliest form, through Jim Crow, to the newest form of slavery, called the Prison Industrial Complex.  Reparations Matter believes doing so will clearly show why Reparations is the only way to make amends for crimes committed against humanity to benefit others and to fix what has obviously been broken.









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