Alligator Bait

licoricedropPhoto by Ferris State University

I am going to keep this short.  Two babies, the black baby fell in a gorilla cage, there was an outcry because the gorilla was killed.  The parents were investigated for possible charges of child neglect.  The second baby, was pulled under water, in a pond by an alligator and drowned.  While the outcome was positive for the first parents, the second parents were not as fortunate.  An event no parent should have to endure and I am so sorry for their loss.  However, while reading how both cases were handled, I thought about the stories of how black babies were used as alligator bait.  It was hard to believe this happened so I did some research and found an article on Ferris State University’s website.  Ferris University is also home to the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia.  A woman by the name of M. Granditsky of Stockholm, Sweden sent a question to the museum asking, “Were babies ever used as bait?”  Watch the four-minute video by Black History Walks and click the link to read the response from the museum.  We shouldn’t be surprised that people would get more upset about a gorilla’s life than the safety of a child and kill every alligator in the pond in an effort to save the other child.  Shouldn’t one child’s life be as valuable as the other?



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  • Edna says:

    I don’t even know what to say but o my goodness how in the hell could people do these thing two are children and we put are children in the hands of white people all the time i see y u keep ur grands at home.

    • nick says:

      There is not much to say, but there is a lot to learn. Remember black children were considered property. It is important to teach our children the truth. Malcolm X said, “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” I understand parents can’t always stay home but it doesn’t stop them from teaching them the truth.

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