Courting the Black Vote

A gentleman by the name of J.R. brought up some great points about the upcoming election.  Out of respect for him I did not include his full name but I wanted to respond.  J.R. said, “If you don’t know the history of the political parties, you are voting blindly and that is willful ignorance because the information is at your fingertips.  On the other hand, some of you will refuse to hear and/or address anything negatively said about your party of choice.”  He continued by saying, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.”  He challenged readers by asking them to tell him what the Democratic party has ever done for the betterment of people of color?”  He received some great dialogue but this subject is too important to respond in just a Facebook snippet.  So I responded by saying,

Maybe his challenge will help us to think a little clearer before November 2016.  Most black people have decided Donald Trump is not their candidate of choice (and rightfully so) therefore Hillary is their only option.  So we ask which is the “less of the two evils?” Give the Republicans some credit, they do not care and do not pretend to care. On the other hand, Democrats use black people like an electoral bootee call, they only come around when they want some.  They lie, make promises, and ride their asses all the way to the White House.  Then black people do not hear anything from them until the next election.  Is it time for black folks to start thinking outside of the box?  There is a third party candidate to consider or they can make a powerful statement and hold their vote. It is painful to suggest this because the right to vote did not come easy.  Of course Democrats will say, “If you vote for a third party candidate or not vote at all, you will take votes from Hillary, Donald will become president, and your lives will be a living hell!” That is a scare tactic.

Under the last Clinton Administration, black children were labeled as super predators, legislation was passed to lock up millions of black people, thus dismantling the black family structure.  We all make mistakes however, for more than twenty years, we did not hear from the Clintons.  This was not a mistake, The Clintons used black people and knew they could return twenty years later, say we over reached, and all would be forgiven.  Recently Bill got a little defensive and tried to make black people responsible for his bad policies.  That is similar to blaming a victim for the crime committed against them.

The point is, as Albert Einstein once said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a form of insanity.  Do we really expect different results?  Black Americans began transitioning to the Democratic party with the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932.  For 84 years they have been loyal to a party who has done nothing but sell them promises.  I cannot speak for all Black Americans and I certainly do not expect politicians to save us.  However, I do not expect politicians to pass legislation (behind our backs), lock us up as if we are chattel living in 1816, so others can make millions of dollars.  I do expect politicians to pass legislation to stop the slaughtering of our people.  I expect politicians to take their foot off our necks so we can grow into the greatness from which we came.  If they cannot make those promises (in writing) they do not deserve the black vote.  As J.R. suggested “do not vote blindly, do your research, and do not just cast your vote based on a promise.”  To answer the question, there was the new deal passed under Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Civil Rights Act under John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson.  Unfortunately, I cannot think of anything else.  Feel free to help me out.


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Public Note: The opinions expressed in this post are the author’s own, others who comment, and do not reflect the view of J.R. or any of his friends.


  • john randall says:

    i like your way of thinking, however, i honestly feel it’s too late for the 3rd candidate to gain the traction they would need going into november—if for no other reason, people need to vote because of the supreme court vacancies (at least 3) that our next president will fill with their own choices &, for me, it comes down to this; i do not like the direction our country has been heading & i don’t expect hillary to change that & her choices would further cripple us &, that leaves trump whom i believe will seat conservative judges…to be honest, i don’t think trump can accomplish all he has talked about, however, he is a job creator, feels strongly about fixing our immigration problems & securing our borders &, i’m willing to take his word that he will eliminate common core & return our education needs to our states—i know he will protect our 2nd amendment—i can also envision him trying to push his tax plan through congress—another plus he has is, nobody was talking about our trades deals & hey, anytime you’re importing more than you’re exporting, something is wrong PERIOD!!! i have no doubt that he will address the needs of our veterans & seniors & rebuild our military—i also believe he’s going to ‘fire’ a lot of people within our fed gov’t & take those to court that broke the law—by the way, he’s the one addressing the ‘chicagos’ of our communities & he supports our police—all that said, it will take him & congress to unify our country…

    • nick says:

      Mr. Randall thank you for responding. I agree, it is too late for a 3rd party candidate to gain traction but I am not feeling either candidate in our two major parties. Both candidates seem to be running against their core values. Mr. Trump was a Democrat, Mrs. Clinton was a Republican, and neither do not mean what they say. Mrs. Clinton has spent too much corporate money to change anything. Mr. Trump will not survive for four years. I say survive as in sabotaging his own administration. He knows business but he is too thin skinned, disrespectful, and uncontrollable. He has world leaders on edge, all but Vladimir Putin. Every president since common core was implemented said they would revise it to make it better. Each president just gives the same old program a new name, teachers continue to teach to the test, and children keep failing. In my opinion, the 2nd amendment is solid. The ban on high powered, military style weapons seem to be the issue. Of course when you cut the mental health budget and give sick people access to weapons, it becomes a recipe for disaster. I agree immigration needs to be brought under control and jobs need to be brought back into this country. The current administration brags about the 4.9 percent unemployment rate but failed to mention the rate is double for Black Americans. I commend Mr. Trump for talking about the issue of crime in inner cities, another disappointment I have with our current administration. While I agree police officers should be supported, innocent citizens should also be supported. A police officer’s job is dangerous but it is a job of choice. They are paid to protect and serve, not to terrorize. Most officers are good and appreciated for a job well done. However, we have a few who operate as vigilantes. For those who hide behind a badge and terrorize others they should be prosecuted. Before attempting to unify the country, Mr. Trump should start by showing he can unify his party. Mr. Randall it is great to agree to disagree in a respectful manner. Please feel free to join our Facebook group and our Facebook page. The group is closed so members can express themselves openly but the page is open. I see you have a blog, I will pay you a visit! I look forward to hearing from you again. Take care.

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