Who Are Black Americans?

Who Are Black Americans?

Oftentimes this question is never asked, “Who were Black Americans?” The question never seems to come up, not in schools, not even among many Black adults.  Unfortunately, children are taught to believe life did not exist before slavery.  I read a post where a student asked a teacher, “Where did Black people come from?”  The teacher responded by saying, “Black people just fell from the sky, right into slavery.”  Now, just imagine what a response such as this has on the self-worth of Black children?  So, before we get into the history of slavery and its impact, it may be appropriate to talk about the greatness that only comes from Melanin, the chemical in the Black human body that is so fantastic it was once considered divine.  The greatness of Melanin was highly recognized by Africans thousands of years ago and they took full advantage of this amazing chemical that lies in the mind and body of black people.

According to historians Africa was the cradle of civilization.  From this cradle came some extraordinary leaders and intelligent people.  From Menes, the first Pharaoh of Egypt; Zoser, pharaoh of the third dynasty; Cheops, a fourth dynasty pharaoh, to Tuthmosis III, an eighteenth dynasty pharaoh.  Let’s not forget the exceptional women rulers and warriors of antiquity.  They include Amanirenas, queen of Kush who battled Roman armies and defeated them at Aswan; Amina Kulibali, founder of the Gabu dynasty in Senegal; Ana de Sousa Nzinga, who resisted the Portuguese conquest of Angola; and Nanda, mother of the famous warrior-king Shaka Zulu.  These are just a few of the greats from Black history.

Understanding that Black people were the first to invent science, engineering, writing, the discovery of medicine, architecture, astronomy, and agriculture is not easy to comprehend.  Especially when someone else has taken credit for all of life’s accomplishments.  However, unless Black people make a conscious effort to look further than what the dominant group teaches they will continue to believe they fell from the sky, directly into slavery and each black generation will continue down this same path of seeing themselves through the eyes of others.



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