Key to Black Greatness


The price range for this book is $788.29 to $1,401.25. The information inside is worth finding a copy.  I could not find in any libraries, so I asked my local librarian to borrow the book from a university in Chicago. This book is phenomenal! The title is self-explanatory, melanin is the chemical key to black greatness. The introduction states, “The black human is blessed by nature in that he or she is endowed with a highly functional chemical that regulates essentially all bodily functions and activities.” The author goes on to say, “The black human is distinguished from other human species in that he or she tends to have a higher number of organs and body systems that contain high concentrations of a chemical that is black in color.” The chemical is known as melanin.

Chapters of this book were challenging to read because it uses some medical terminology. However, the most important information is clear. Toxic drugs are similar to melanin and the sub-units that make up melanin. Drugs such as cocaine, LSD, and others alter melanin’s role and life functions in the black body. If western scientists spend millions of dollars to study black people and the chemical that make up their very existence, is it possible they have studied how crack cocaine and other drugs interact with melanin in the body and brain? I don’t want to give away the entire book so if you can get your hands on a copy read it. Mr. Barnes said it best, “The understanding that melanin is the key to knowledge, is your beginning of knowledge.”

You can find Melanin: The Chemical Key To Black Greatness (Black Greatness Series) on or borrow from a library. The author is Carol Barnes, Senior Research Chemist



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