Killer Mike Emotionally Speaks On Recent Police Shootings!



As I listened to Killer Mike’s passionate interview on the Breakfast Club Power 105.1, I found myself asking why don’t black people listen to the ideas of those who have a vested interest in their well-being?  He is saying the same things Dr. King and Malcolm X said.  Dr. King called upon Black Americans to stop supporting organizations that did not support them.  Even with the passage of the Civil Rights Act, he believed anti-discrimination laws were useless if people could not afford to eat or pay for descent housing.  So he began to challenge the system.  In a speech, one day before Dr. King was assassinated he encouraged Black Americans to take their money and deposit it in black owned financial institutions.  Forty-eight years later, someone is still telling black people to stop supporting institutions who do not support them.  Listen to Killer Mike’s interview


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